Stephen Sarre ReynoldsREY2015.html


An exhibition of recent works by Stephen Sarre Reynolds.

‘This is a series of paintings from my time in Melbourne this winter. The impact of these meteorological phenomena is complete - it transforms the city, our life and our outlook in a single movement. Any plans to paint a traditional landscape seems utterly pointless in the face of these colossal fronts.’

All works are oil on board-mounted, primed jute.

So Thats What They Call It    (2016)

oil on jute (on board)

70 cm x 70 cm

Dusk Study no. 2 (2016)

oil on jute (on board)

68 cm x 122 cm

(detail below)    

Dusk Study no. 3 (2016)

oil on jute (on board)

50 cm x 122 cm

(detail below)