WHERE AFTER THE VALLEY?is the title of the recent exhibition  (September 25-27, 2014) by Stephen Sarre Reynolds. 
Staged on the concrete riverbed of the LA river, the viewer had no choice but to immerse themselves in a foreign, beautiful and ominous part of Los Angeles.  The title of the exhibition refers to the central sculpture, el Sharque (2013). The first incarnation of el Sharque was last seen prior to the rainstorm on the 28th of February, 2014 and was subsequently lost downriver. The placement of the work - stricken, defeated in a concrete river - always implied a journey, albeit unknowingly incomplete. We experience the sculpture in it’s natural conceptual environment; where the flat concrete riverbed feels unsteady, the temporary white walls seem to anchor. The shark - here, an object less of fear, more of pity - can easily be moved by a small child. This moving, disquieting, playful environment is ideal for the re-evaluation of: What is shark?, Who is prey?; 
Where go the floodwaters?.

The paintings are record of the search for the lost sculpture - the river, the bridge and the storm that propelled a 680lbs concrete shark head to points unknown. 

The artist is very grateful for all who joined him barefoot in the Los Angeles river for this exhibition.
(Special thanks to the US Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles)

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© Stephen Sarre Reynolds 2015